(Why and what is BI)

Data is engine of one's business. The amassing piles of data isn't much use unless you are able to surface insights out of it. Gone are the days of manually generating reports and lacking the agility to represent the current scenario.Uni Pro Technologies Limited, with advanced Microsoft BI tool assembles, scrutinizes and visualizes your business data in this growing competitive market. The rich interactive reports give you a real time look at the health of your business.


Gain complete insight:

With the implementation of Uni Pro BI Solution, you can unify information in seconds from different set of sources seamlessly. It provides you a complete picture of all essential metrics of your business allowing to make decisions based on real time status.

Deepen your knowledge:

It’s time to take decisions based on fact rather than intuition and that’s why we are here to pull data together and process it into intelligible insights, often using visually compelling and easy-to-process charts and graphs. Reports can be used to gain information about your company’s current state and predict where it is heading.

Power up Productivity:

Business Intelligence has potential to identify bottlenecks and helps you to refine the existing process. Decision makers can embrace planning for business growth, by identifying the key trends and patterns that unlock new growth opportunities.

All data in one place:

Microsoft BI is the one of the most prominent business intelligence tool that helps to publish and share collaborative reports easily from anywhere. Reports update automatically with current data and all the information you need is only few clicks away.

Microsoft BI is most ideal for your business

With streamline process and low cost, aiding to accelerate growth of business with a complete monitor of operational trends you agree to choose Business Intelligence tool which is absolutely advantageous.

Turns data to actionable information.

Gain valuable insights.

Improves operational efficiency.

Robust data governance.

Saves time and efforts.

Identifies business problems.

Quick decision making.

Drives revenue.

Why choose us?

Uni Pro Technologies Limited has established its name in the world of BI with 35 years of experience. It offers an easy to use platform to obtain gist of all your data. Its reliability and performance have been proven over time with high customer satisfaction. Let our solution aid in embracing your data culture.